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Brat Pack 11

Emma's big heart is at it again! A charity close to Emma's heart has named her a Celebrity Ambassador! Emma has been a proud supporter of Brat Pack 11 from the beginning, and hopes that more people will take part in this amazing cause!! Please Visit the Brat Pack 11 website to learn more about the charity, and see what you can do to help their mission.

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Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone, to all of you who celebrate Christmas I hope today was a special day! As an added little Christmas gift from myself (and the Fuhrmann's) to you, I have put together a little Outtake Reel from Ask Emma Two which is now avaliable to watch! Enjoy!

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Anthony Chiang Photography

Emma was photographed by the one and only Anthony Chiang! She has been posting amazing little teaser photos on her Instagram so head over NOW For a sneak peak!! I will also add some awesome previews to the gallery later tonight! Stay tuned! 

ALSO: Did you think I forgot that little promise at the end of the Ask Emma Two video? Don't worry, I didn't. New Video coming on CHRISTMAS EVE! So Stay Tuned! Happy Holidays!

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Ask Emma Two

Ask Emma Two is FINALLY HERE!! Emma has answered 20 of the 152 questions that were submitted! Check the video below to see her answers!

Congratulations to the winners of this edition of Ask Emma Two (Stay tunned to the end to see the winners - and to see the lovely prizes).

Be Sure to watch the video all the way through, for there is a little announcement at the very end!

Happy Holidays - Enjoy!

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Ask Emma #2

ASK EMMA #2 Has Officially Started!! Emma will be answering your questions!! BUT WAIT ... There is more! This time the top submissions will be eligible for a Prize! That right, a Prize! So think up some REALLY good Questions and head over to our ASK EMMA PAGE for details!

A S K   E M M A

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Deleted Scene from Blended

Hello guys, I wanted to share with you an EXCLUSIVE Deleted Scene from Emma's latest release Blended. This is an awesome scene where you get to see Emma's character's personality come out! Emma did an awesome job in this scene and ... well don't just take my word for it Watch it yourself!

If you would like to see more deleted scenes like this, make sure you buy the film! You can buy it on iTunes or in Stores (and they have different deleted scenes!)

NOTE: The clip below is 100% copyrighted to Warner Brothers and is posted here for promotional purposes only. No copyright infringement is ever intended.


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Emma's Birthday

Today Emma Turns 13! Can you believe it! She has grown so much!! I know everyone is going to want to send her best wishes on her special day - so make sure you Tweet her, or post on her Facebook, Instagram, and/or Tumblr!!


H A P P Y ~ B I R T H D A Y ~ E M M A

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Blended on DVD

Hello Everyone - Blended has been released on DVD!! Do you have your copy yet ... No? Well what are you waiting for!! You can get a hard copy at your local Walmart, Target, etc. Or you can purchase a hard copy online at Amazon. And if you want you can even purchase the movie on iTunes (I hear that has even MORE extra scenes!)


If you Loved the film you are going to LOVE the deleted scenes and bonus footage, so don't miss out!

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The Cure Starts Now Foundation

Emma has an avid supporter of The Cure Starts Now Foundation! Learn more about this foundation and what you can do to help by visiting the Charity Page of this website, or by visiting TheCureStartsNow.org!


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Afterglow Magazine

Emma was featured in Afterglow Magazine, along with some amazing photos from the one and only Adam Hendershott (A photoshot from 2013) Emma looks lovely in these images so check out the scan in the gallery now!


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